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AMDT and BRITEN partner to transform the Beans value chain in Tanzania

AMDT and BRITEN partner to transform the Beans value chain in Tanzania

Agenda: Developing the Beans value chain 

AMDT and BRITEN have signed a half a billion Tsh deal to develop market systems in the beans value chain in southern regions of Ruvuma and Njombe. This will include improvement of access to improved seeds, access to finance, rural advisory services and value addition in beans sector. Building Rural Income Through Entrepreneurship (BRITEN) has worked before in agricultural development initiatives in the Maize sector.

The Tzs 475 million partnership will enabled collaboration between BRITEN as the Lead market facilitator and other state and private sector entities, including Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) through its Uyole Centre. Other third party collaborators will include financial institutions, agri-inputs suppliers and other service providers in the agricultural businesses.

BRITEN will focus on a number of areas in this project including:

  1. Access to improved seeds
  2. Access to finance
  3. Rural advisory services (RAS)
  4. Post-harvest management
  5. Value addition
  6. Collective marketing and
  7. Climate smart agriculture practices

This project will be implemented up to year 2023.

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