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STEGRAFET: Youth-led animal feed production enterprise in Mbeya

STEGRAFET: Youth-led animal feed production enterprise in Mbeya

STEGRAFET is a Mbeya-based SME-categorized animal feed production private company established and led by Youth. It was incorporated on 8th February, 2021 and primarily started in cereal business – like maize, soya beans, paddy and rice. The company is based in Chimala, Mbeya region, in the southern highlands of Tanzania.

Primary business activities of STEGRAFET include buying and selling maize grain, soya beans, rice, paddy and processing animal feed. They produce both pellets and mash for chicken, fish and pigs (chicken feeds: broiler starter, broiler grower, broiler finisher, chick starter, layers growers as well as other products emanated from above cereals.

The company outsources raw materials from individual farmers in Mbeya region. However, some other raw materials (Soya Beans) are imported from neighboring countries like Malawi and Zambia. They sell their products as well as foods in Mbeya, Songwe and Rukwa regions.

During the Nane Nane – National Agriculture Exhibition 2022 held in Mbeya City, AMDT invited STEGRAFET, alongside three other beneficiaries, to participate and showcase their products and success stories. They engaged in B2B networking with animal feeds sellers and also farmers working in poultry and animals husbandry. STEFRAFET are working with AMDT in a strategic intervention with a focus in supporting and promoting Women and Youth led enterprises in the animal feeds industry, particularly within the pulses, sunflower and maize value chains.

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