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Enhancing systemic change in sunflower subsector for sustained actors' income.

Vision of Change and Intervention Activities:

  • The intervention will lead to availability and accessibility of improved sunflower seeds.
  • Access to different services such as extension, financial services, insurance services,
  • Enabling environment and profitable markets
  • Adoption of efficient processing technologies, business skills and other bundled services.

Key Actors

BytradeSeed & GAP Training
Agro dealersHybrid Seed distribution from Seed Co. to SHFs
LitengaTrain Farmer Farming as Business
33 Processors engagedPurchase sunflower grains
ICRISATPilot CSA solution to SHFs
Outassurance Brokers LTDPilot insurance product to SHF
AYEGROProvide soil test services to small holders farmers
BaltonDemonstrate herbicides to be used by SHF in sunflower sector
HansDemonstrate planters to use by SHF in sunflower sector
EFTAProvide processing machines to processors
TPB and Vision FundProvide loan to both SHFs and SMEs processors.
Mt.MeruBuy crude oil from SMEs processors